Black Like Me

In a grand jury hearing to determine if two police officers will be tried for murder, Darnell Williams must tell the story of how his brother, Derrick, a 16-year-old who suffers from autism, was shot in an alleyway. With the guidance of prosecuting attorney Alexandra Palamara and the expertise of autism specialist Dr. Michele Isen, Darnell confronts the fatal day, discusses autism, and reflects on the relationship he had with his brother.

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Choice “Mother”

Mother is the first in a series of Death with Dignity-themed short films. When Hannah is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she must make the hardest decision of her life - to die with dignity. Making the news, Hannah tells the nation why she made her choice. The film stars Darlene Violette, Kelly Driscoll, and Katrina Szish.

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In The Wake of Heroes

Former Colonel Jason Roman has waged war! He fought for the American dream and watched his men perish in battle. Now he’s watching them perish in rest homes. Follow the Colonel as he recruits a wild bunch of geriatrics and gives them an opportunity to die with dignity.

PEI Kids: Generation Change

PEI Kids: Generation Change interviews adjudicated and at-risk Trenton city youth focusing on how they would solve current problems in their community such as building positive relationships with law enforcement and local government.